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Alert Resolution

StrikeReady revolutionizes the alert resolution process by autonomously enriching, categorizing and prioritizing alerts according to their severity and relevance.

  • Ingest alerts and data from every security asset
  • Streamline threat intelligence application and alert handling
  • Unify all teams required for response in a single platform
  • Enhance threat visibility and risk management

Incident Response

StrikeReady centralizes incident data and delivers real-time visibility, leading to rapid and coordinated responses to security incidents.

  • Provide full risk and impact context around an incident without lifting a finger
  • Speed mitigation responses via AI-based guidance
  • Improve collaboration by streamlining communication across internal and external teams

Security Automation

StrikeReady automates and standardizes security workflows, allowing for quicker response times and reducing the manual workload on security teams.

  • Reduce the burden of security teams by efficiently managing operational tasks
  • Improve productivity and lessen team burnout
  • Accelerate average time to resolution (MTTR) by up to 80%

Adaptive Security for SOCs Modern Challenges

Operationalize Threat Intelligence

StrikeReady empowers security teams to proactively identify and mitigate emerging threats through autonomous integration and contextualizing threat intelligence.

  • Operationalizes threat intelligence in seconds
  • Accelerate threat identification and response in seconds
  • Speed the analysis of IOCs across 25+ industry-leading analysis engines

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

StrikeReady assists in prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk, allowing security teams to focus on the most critical issues first.

  • Automate the analysis of advisories to identify critical vulnerabilities and assets in real-time
  • Speeds mitigation by 10x with built-in automated physical or virtual patching

Continuous Security Validation

StrikeReady offers a holistic, real-time view of security operations, empowering security teams to conduct continuous assessments with confidence.

  • Assess your security and risk posture instantly and safely
  • Mitigate threats precisely via AI assisted execution of countermeasures

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