Empowering Modern SOC Teams:

StrikeReady's platform is purpose-built to revolutionize the way security operations centers (SOCs) operate. Unlike traditional solutions that struggle to integrate disparate technologies, StrikeReady seamlessly integrates with existing security tools, providing SOC teams with a unified AI-powered security command center. This integration fosters smarter, faster decision-making and proactive defense against cyber threats.

Addressing Industry Challenges:

The cybersecurity industry faces numerous challenges, from tool sprawl to a shortage of skilled professionals. StrikeReady tackles these challenges head-on by streamlining operations, bridging the skills gap, and empowering security teams with AI-driven automation. This approach ensures that organizations stay ahead of emerging threats while maximizing the efficiency of their security operations.

Investor Confidence in StrikeReady:

Despite challenging investment conditions, StrikeReady's innovative approach has garnered significant investor confidence. The Series A funding underscores the sophistication of StrikeReady's AI security solution and its potential to lead the cybersecurity market. With this new funding, StrikeReady plans to extend its product leadership, expand its global reach, and scale its infrastructure to meet growing demand.

Hitachi anticipates that StrikeReady's AI-powered End-to-End Cyber Security Operations Platform will greatly complement its security workforce and help respond quickly to threats. “As digital transformation progresses, cyber security threats are increasing, and security measures to quickly detect and properly defend against cyber-attacks are essential in every industry,” said Yoshinori Hosoya, Vice President and Executive Officer, CEO of Cloud Services Platform Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd. “Hitachi, Ltd. has been providing security managed services to realize a secure digital environment in a wide range of social infrastructure fields.”

"StrikeReady is breaking the mold of conventional security solutions. We refuse to believe that security-centric companies should be confined to one platform. Instead, we champion the idea that teams should have the freedom to utilize the best-of-breed technology available,” said Carlos Moreira da Silva, co-founder and partner at 33N Ventures. “StrikeReady turns this belief into reality through its dedication to seamless integrations, ensuring compatibility with the diverse array of tools utilized by SOC teams today and tomorrow.”

“StrikeReady pioneers a groundbreaking AI-powered Security Command Center. Their hybrid model augments human intuition with cutting-edge AI and ML technologies. The mission: Streamlining tool sprawl, bridging the cybersecurity skills gap, all while placing humans – equipped with unparalleled guidance and automation – firmly at the helm of the cyber defense arsenal.” said Galina Sagan, Principal at Hitachi Ventures.

Pioneering AI-Powered Security:

At the core of StrikeReady's platform is its proprietary large action model (LAM), which goes beyond traditional AI and large language models (LLMs). This innovative technology empowers security teams to take proactive actions across the technology stack, augmenting human intuition with cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities.

Building a Proactive Cyber Defense:

StrikeReady's user-centric approach transforms security teams into proactive AI-powered cyber task forces. By centralizing, informing, and advising security operations with actionable insights, StrikeReady helps organizations reduce cyber threats and overcome the cybersecurity talent deficit. It's not just a security solution; it's a strategic asset in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the need for innovative cybersecurity solutions has never been greater. With its industry-first AI security command platform, StrikeReady is leading the charge towards a more secure future. Backed by $12 million in funding and a team of visionary investors, StrikeReady is poised to redefine the cybersecurity landscape and empower SOC teams worldwide.

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