// Powering the Modern SOC

Unify, Automate, Outsmart: StrikeReady's
Next-Gen Security Command Center

StrikeReady delivers a revolutionary, AI-powered security command center that is changing the way SOC teams work and defend. The platform is the first to be truly vendor neutral and seamless, providing a unified, end-to-end view of your entire security operation.

Transform your SOC team into a proactive cyber task force by streamlining and centralizing security operations, empowering your team to optimize intelligence, automate alert handling and expedite incident response. StrikeReady’s user centric design provides dynamic insights and real-time guidance enabling your team to make smarter, faster decisions. The platform also continuously learns and evolves ensuring security teams stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

// AI-Powered Analyst: CARA

AI Efficiency Empowering Human Brilliance


Introducing CARA, the world's first Cyber AI Response Analyst, built natively into the StrikeReady platform. This virtual, conversational AI-powered analyst seamlessly integrates with your workflow, acting as your expert advisor, threat hunter and incident responder.

Eliminate the burden of repetitive tasks. CARA is engineered to automate these aspects of security operations, enabling your security team to focus on addressing complex challenges and driving innovation.

Unleash the power of AI. Unlike conventional point solutions that offer limited AI coverage or bind you to proprietary technologies, CARA offers a holistic understanding of your end-to-end security landscape. CARA was built to become an integral part of the analyst experience by informing, accelerating and advising your team with the insights needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape.

learn Learn

CARA learns in real time from the collective knowledge of your security team and the practical experiences of defenders globally.

analyze Analyze

CARA understands complex data, scenarios, user behavior, skills and patterns to provide context-aware, accurate and actionable security analysis.

check Protect

CARA performs tasks utilizing unified actionable insights to offer personalized recommendations and guidance tailored to individual users.

Do More with Less, Cut Complexity,
Boost Efficiency

// How We Do It

Universal Integration For Every
Security Tool In Your Stack

Cross-platform integration breaks down information silos by enabling
bi-directional flow of security intelligence.

Layer 1
  • Rapid deployment in hours not months
  • Serverless infrastructure accommodating multiple tenants
  • Hybrid architecture scales across any environment: Cloud,
    On-premise, Hybrid, IT/OT
  • Unites siloed data across disparate systems at machine speed
  • 400+ 2-way integrations
  • No vendor lock in

Pioneering Cybersecurity AI Since Day One

First Gartner Tech Innovator in Advanced Virtual Assistant and
Conversational Artificial Intelligence.

  • Advanced AI capabilities, incorporating over 25+ industry-leading analysis engines.
  • Context-aware, accurate and actionable security analysis and advisory designed for optimal response.
  • Seamless integration with your entire security stack, setting it apart from AI solutions limited to specific vendors
  • Centralized knowledge, intelligence and collaboration to upskill and cross-skill your entire security team.

Designed by Security Experts, Tailored for
Security Professionals

Out-of-box customization empowers your security team to focus time and resources on
high-priority tasks and strategic initiatives.

Layer 4


Layer 5


Layer 6


Layer 7


Layer 8


Threat Intelligence Exchange

Empowers detection, prevention and response with curated threat intelligence feeds.

Layer 3
  • 100+ active threat intelligence sources
  • Pre-built analysis engines, and sandbrowser
  • Creates a united and interconnected cybersecurity information exchange
  • Curated threat intelligence, campaign and attack scenarios, dark web, and patch advisories

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