In mid 2019, we, a team of cybersecurity enthusiasts’ from different parts of the world came together and decided to do something for the most foundational element in cybersecurity – THE PEOPLE.

Our goal was simple – EMPOWER DEFENDERS.

We have a strong conviction that we are the right team and we will help ease the skill gap, talent shortage and collaboration challenges within the cybersecurity industry.


We have built an extremely powerful SaaS-based platform that engages, supports and informs the defender with reasoning, knowledge, and automation.

Our platform uses a patented Security Ontology Graph (SOG) that mimics human's (aka defender) thinking. It keeps itself up-to-date and shares the knowledge and skills that it has learned in real-time from intuitional knowledge and practical experiences of the defender's around the world.

No matter what defender you are — SOC Analyst, Threat Intel Analyst, Security Engineer, Red Teamer, etc., you all can leverage our technology to perform your day-to-day tasks with ease and at lightning speed.

We welcome you to be a part of our STRIKER community.


Dallas, TX. Fremont, CA. Dubai, UAE. Lahore, Pakistan.